Enabling sustainable mobility

for everyone.


Our Story

Creating a better ground transportation solution together.

At Karhoo, we believe that success is only sustainable when we work together, which is why we are bringing people across the ground transportation industry together to create a better mobility solution for all. A mobility exchange that connects a wide range of ground transportation providers with travellers so they can chose the best option for their needs.

Karhoo is creating a marketplace to provide the widest range of ground transport choices for travellers. With Karhoo, ground transportation will be simpler and easier. By bringing together regulated, licensed taxi and private hire vehicle fleets from around the world, we will give greater choice to travellers, agents and businesses.

The data we provide will be available for the private and public sector forging the way for smart cities everywhere.

A Single Booking Platform

Travellers can book trips through the app, the web or other API’s.

Global Reach

Karhoo is aggregating hundreds of fleets around the world


Karhoo automates the booking process, to offer a global booking solution at a low cost.

Positive Disruption

Local, regulated and licensed fleets can join a global platform and the new e-hailing economy.

Economies of Scale

Our global partnerships enable local fleets to benefit from economies of scale.

Mobility Partnerships

Our network is open to individuals and agents to book ground transportation globally.

Our Products

Karhoo is creating a marketplace, accessible through apps, web or API’s to connect fleets with travellers or agents.

At Karhoo, we value transparency, entrepreneurship and taking responsibility. The Karhoo Mobility Exchange is transparent, with prices that are visible for all to see. Karhoo supports entrepreneurs’ fleet businesses. Our “Fleet in a box” provides the support a business owner needs to start their own fleet, including the purchase or leasing of greener vehicles, insurance and maintenance. We provide access to best-in-class dispatch systems and a global customer base through Karhoo’s exchange.

We promote responsible mobility and sustainable fleets who treat drivers fairly and make efforts to minimise their impact on the environment and society. We are working together with municipalities to create next generation public transportation solutions for all.

Our Network

Our aim is to become the largest platform of taxis and PHV’s in the world, and we’re well on the way to achieving this. We’ve already brought together 500,000 cars, and looking to grow our community much further.

Fleets from around the world are joining the platform: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, USA, Canada, Middle East, North Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil… the list gets longer every day.